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Safeway Integrated Systems
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Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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Pre-Sales Consultancy
At SafeWay Integrated Systems we strongly believe in the Uniqueness of the individual. We do not propose or implement a solution just because it works well with other clients…instead, we undertake full evaluation of your requirements and offer design solutions that are appropriate. Solutions that will work for you today, tomorrow and far into the future. We offer a free Presales Consultancy from analysis of the specific requirement to the design, production and installation of the system to meet said requirements.

Design & Installation
All our systems are designed, installed and tested by an experienced and professional team of qualified engineers/technicians fully accredited by the systems manufacturer whose products are being utilized. All systems are 100% tested, certified and the results documented for the customer, confirming compliance to the relevant specified standards.

Project Management
Even the very best design is suspect without qualified project management. We at Safeway use well-established and tested project management methodologies for installations, regardless of size, content and complexity. This enables us to overcome the more technically challenging projects and consistently deliver quality solutions and services. All installations are managed and monitored by dedicated and experienced project team who will report to the client on a regular basis. The project manager carries full responsibility for the installation including all quality, environmental, health and safety aspects.

Post-Installation Support
All of our installations and systems carry a comprehensive manufacturer’s product warranty. We provide you with complete and fully detailed documentation of the installations. This makes any future moves or modifications relatively easy.

Maintenance and service are vital elements in ensuring the integrity and effectiveness of any system. To this end Safeway offer a 24hr. emergency service staffed by highly trained engineers and technicians with full technical support.

Tel: +971 2 6338856
P.O.Box 32745,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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