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Safeway Integrated Systems
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Safeway’s commitment to quality is total and applies to all areas of business ensuring clients receive the highest standards of service 24 Hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our customer-centric approach is reflected in our commitment to consistently deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions to meet the challenges of an ever-changing environment. We lay strong focus on process quality to meet customer requirements consistently. This is done through a strong, flexible and continuously improving Quality Management System which has evolved over several years, and is compliant with ISO 9000 standards. We are currently registered for ISO compliance and certification. Additionally we have also initiated an HSE Management system and program for ISO 14001 compliance.

To make Quality an inherent aspect of the system, our workforce is constantly exposed to various training courses, quality assurance and installation techniques. We also have a centralized quality management system to ensure that the employees have any access to the organization's processes and procedures at all times.

From the onset when our initial proposal is being prepared till final project completion and archiving our processes enable us to give a Quality Product and service to the client. A review at the onset of the project assists us to fully understand the clients requirements and particular areas of concern. Based on this criteria we will submit a detailed plan, which dictates the way the project will be executed. Each factor that will have a direct bearing on the project progress (like Roles and Responsibilities, deliverables etc) would be clearly outlined in this plan.

Through-out the project execution, the client has a single point contact. Our structured reporting ensures the client is periodically updated of the project status and progress. The project is reviewed at various well-defined milestones against the pre determined project plan. All approved changes to specifications are controlled through a strict change control mechanism. These systems help us to further improve our service and achieve enhanced customer satisfaction.

Salient features of our Quality assurance system:

Project Management
• Single Point Interface
• Well Defined Milestones
• Well Defined Deliverables
• Structured Reporting
• Structured Testing
• Documentation
• Project Feedback

• Weekly Progress Reports
• Change Request Forms
• Review Reports
• Technical Query Forms

• Functional Specifications
• Design Specifications
• Test Results
• Documentation

Tel: +971 2 6338856
P.O.Box 32745,
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
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